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We treat every project as vital to the company’s successful growth and sustainability. Hence, in every contract, the Directors to Managers to Staff- all get involved and pay meticulous attention to all details. From the tendering stage, project’s construction designs are interrogated and innovative solutions proposed. These are coupled with detail Engineering exercises undertaken with a view to cut down costs and enhance value.

Completed Project List
1.Fire Fighting and Damage Control SchoolRSNFJeddah
2.Survival and Rescue Training
3.Shooting Range Complex – Western FleetRSNFJeddah
4.Emergency Lodging Center ProjectM.O.P.WMakkah, Shumaisi
5.Shooting Range Complex – Eastern FleetRSNFRass Alghar
6.ASTER Missile Maintenance WorkshopRSNFRiyadh
7.Haer Jail – P1182 + Taif # 27622MOIRiyadh &
8.M.P. BuildingRSNFRiyadh
9.King Abdullah Foundation ProjectKAF For HumanitarianRiyadh
10.Fuel Tanks MaintenanceRSNFJeddah
11.King Saud University for HealthKSURiyadh
12.Muzdalifah Governer CompoundMOFMekkah
13.Princess Noura University for GirlsPNURiyadh
14.King Abdul Aziz University ProjectsKAUJeddah
15.Repairing of Roofing System for RCRoyal Commission in JubailJubail
16.Tactical Training SimulatorRSNFKSA
17.B-Complex RenovationKFSHRiyadh
18.Sobur Economic CityMOFJeddah-Sobur
19.Tactical Simulator BuildingRSNFKSA
20.High Speed Boats StorageRSNFKSA
21.EOD BuildingRSNFKSA
22.Aramco SchoolsSaudi AramcoEastern Region
23.M.O.I. Administration Building P999M.O. IRiyadh
24.Re-Roofing Phase 2 and 3KFSH & RCRiyadh
25.Flamingo MallFlamingo MallJeddah
26.Strategic Unified Projects 1184M.O.IKSA
27.Azizia TowersRacan Co.Khobar
28.Andulus Mega MallHabib GroupJeddah
29.15 Building for Investment (Schools)M.O.ERiyadh
30.Reparing of Social Development Bldg.M.O.S.ADerriyah District
31.Strategic Water TanksSWCCJeddah
32.Manar PlazaHabib GroupJeddah
33.Tareq Bin Zeyad UnderpassJeddah MunicipalityJeddah
34.Re-Roofing Resident CompoundGeneral Establishment for Military IndustriesKharj
35.Re-Roofing of Air Force BuildingMODATaif
36.Shooting Range MaintenanceSANGKSA

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